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This is a guy you do not want to work for.He will sell you out all day long for his own benefit even to the point of trying to destroy peeps careers, livelihoods, and even families.

He will lie to you with a smile on his face yet he has an evil mean sprit that lives deep in his soul but will manafest itself onto you if you even associate with this German ***. He is a Trojan Horse, a wolf in sheeps skin. Call it what you will.

You have been warned...stay as far away as you can.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #967094


Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #860199

I have been in health insurance for nearly 15 years and I have never run into a type quite this cunning and devious.He will pull you in with promise of $1000 advance's a week using his call center.

Turns out ALL agents he hires are under a LICENSE ONLY contract!

Please do your research on what this means! In other words the carriers pay the agency (Cardinal Advisors) and it is up to John whether and how much to pay the agent. So the idea is to hire you long enough for you to write biz that THEY WILL GET TO KEEP and you will lose when you quit or are fired!

I worked for them for 7 months to find this out. The call center made calls for me a couple months and then did NOTHING! Long story short they will be paid on all the 50 some clients I wrote and if they stay on the books will make about $100 thousand that I should have made with a normal direct contract.

Stay away!

Do your research and go independent!He will lie cheat and steal to get you to sign and then leave you high and dry with him making most of the commissions!

to JIN #934255

Some people are a lot worse then they even appear to be.


You are right don't work for John Scheil, he will lie his *** off too get sales.He is not trustworthy or a good guy.

He wants people to go to training and that is it. He will fire you after the training and have his brother and sister do it a freaking coward. A real man fights their own battles maybe if he grew some balls he would get some sales lol. He even will lie about the pay period it supposed to be every two weeks but he pushes the days back for payday.

Guy is just ***. If I was you I would say *** your company and shove it it will make you happy in the long run. Don't go to Cardinal Advisors you have been warned.

He will smile and be nice say no.Just say no because he will have you looking *** in a month just stick with the job you currently have.


You will get what you deserve "South Of The Border".Sorry no booze there or hookers or golf.Just you and the few you were able to pull into the abyss with you.


This guy is a total ***. It must have been demoted at Bankers Life where they must have let him go.

insurance sales guy

poor poor john scheil.oh how the mighty will fall.

what will you do? where will you go now? the regulators are coming and your world is getting smaller. will you man up?

we heard so much about your values and personal responsibility. what will you do? will you behave according to your values? or will you cower behind expensive lawyers and their spin?

what will your little goblins think now? you know the ones you relished their butt kissing on the golf outings.

what would dad think?what was the price for your soul?


Appears our boy has defenitely fallen and it looks like it is squarley on his ***.He has lost his first volley of agents and his whole scheme is coming unraveled.

What goes around comes around. Take your millions and go because you do have that (for now) but you have lost everyones respect and admiration in the process.

And the real truth of the matter is no one will feel any sympathy for you because your such an ***.Die old and alone and hopefully with prolonged physical unbearable pain as that is what you rightfully deserve and your way to ***.


I worked for scheil when he was at Bankers Life...Thank God he left....he is unstable and Sadistic !!!!

what a loser!!Bankes is better without him !!!!!!

Al Mukalla, Hadramawt, Yemen #247744

Whata joke this goof ball is.Never seen such a liar and BS artist.

From day one he has done nothing but blow smoke and pat his own back as if he's the smartest and richest Insurance Agent in NC. I have see approximately one hundred agents go through and leave his office over the last few months and he screwed over everyone of them they all pissed. It's hard to believe his inflated ego let's his big head get through a normal sized door way. Hopefully, he will continue to fall on his face as he has recently.

The one has fallen, go back to the hospital for more help.

He is a crazy nut bag.Your a fool if you fall for his facade.

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